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​​Beauty and the Beast Rehearsals 

Monday, April 23

7:30 - 8:30 all senior corps de ballet

April 26 Vortex Auditions

7:30pm Conservatory of Movement

Strong En Pointe Artistic Female Dancers

Auditions for A.V.A. Ballet Theatre Company 

Corps de Ballet - en pointe

Season 2018-2019

Saturday, April 27

12:15-1:15 Senior corps

1:15- 2:15 Kurt, Inez, Julia, Kathleen Martin

2:15-3:15 Kathleen Martin, Graham Gobeille


Sunday, April 29

11:00 - 1:00  Mr. Kris, Sarah, Kiera, Olivia, Kathleen Martin, Graham Gobeille

12:30 - 1:00  Plates, Forks, Statues 

1:00 - 1:30    Dragonflies, Wolves, Deers 

Following rehearsal will be held at the Pioneer Center

Enter through Stage Door, no parents allowed backstage or in the auditorium

Dancers MUST sign in and out of the theater with security

Children under sixteen should be accompanied all the way down the stairs from the back entrance.

The parking area at Center and State is reserved for

Pioneer Center Emplyees ONLY

Please check webpage 24 hours before your rehearsal 

Monday April 30

No costumes, no make-up regular dance wear

4:30 Call for all Cast

5:30-8:00 rehearsal

8:00 Pick-up for cast (approx.)

Tuesday May 1

4:30  Call for junior corps/Corps de ballet/principles

5:00  Call for child performers

6:00-9:00  FULL Tech & Dress Rehearsal (costume, hair, make-up)

8:00 Pick-up for child perfromers (approx.)

9:00 Pick-up for cast

Wednesday, May 2 - same as Tuesday

Thursday May 3

Full Tech & Dress Rehearsal with Reno Phil

5:00 Call for Junior Corps/Corps de Ballet/Principles

5:30 Call for child performers

7:00-9:30  Full dress rehearsal

9:00 Pick-up for child performers (approx)

9:30 Pick-up for cast

Friday May 4 - same as Thursday


Saturday  May 5

4:00 stage door opens

5:30 Call for Junior Corps/Corps de ballet/Principles

6:30 Warm-up on stage Junior Corps/Corps de Ballet/Principles

6:30 Cast call

8:00 Show Begins

9:15 Pick-up for child performers

10:00 Pick-up for cast

Sunday May 6

11:00 Stage door opens

12:00 Call for Junior Corps/Corps de ballet/Principles

12:30 Warm-up on Stage for Junior Corps/Corps de ballet/principles

12:30 Cast call

2:00 Show begins

3:15 pick-up for child performers

4:00 Pick-up for cast

Cast party TBA